Activism Groups

While I've always been passionate about key issues like environmental justice, public health, and conservation, I've recently become more involved in several politically focused activism groups. As it's become abundantly clear that the priorities of the federal government lie with large corporations over the wellbeing of its constituents, I feel it is both my right and duty as a citizen of this country to engage with government representatives.

Friends of the Earth

In the spring of 2017, I applied for and was then invited to an activist training in Washington D.C. hosted by Friends of the Earth, the world's largest grassroots environmental network. During that fast and furious long weekend, volunteers from all over the nation came together on our nation's capitol to learn about the today's biggest threats to our environmental rights and health as well as strategies for engaging our communities to fight back against them. We learned how to effectively recruit members of our local communities to the cause, how to engage with our government representatives, and how to break down and understand our convoluted political systems and the powerful influences at play.

The Friends of the Earth office in Washington DC.

Over the course of three event-filled days, we learned immensely valuable tactics to engage with our government representatives.

Helpful tools like breadth and depth charts allow activists to understand and evaluate different methods of engagement.

Concerned citizens from all over the nation answered the call to fight for our environmental rights and joined the Friends of the Earth activist training. Photo by Jeane LaRance

The weekend culminated with the People's Climate March on the mall where we joined with over 200,000 other concerned citizens urging our federal government to take real action against one of the greatest threats to our planet. This was the first political march I had ever participated in and it was incredibly invigorating to see people from all walks of life and backgrounds coming together because of their desire for a better future.


Food & Water Watch

In my spare time, I also regularly volunteer remotely with Food & Water Watch, specifically with their texting bank team for their OFF Fossil Fuels campaign. In the face of policies threatening our environmental health, we reach out to constituents via texts informing them of the current issue at hand as well as to get them to take action. I often talk to people from around the country, answering their questions, and directing them towards the best action they can take. We focus on tackling the harmful fossil fuel industry as we believe that our future depends on cleaner energy sources. Now, more than ever, we need to separate ourselves from the archaic practice of fossil fuel usage and extraction and move towards a cleaner, sustainable future.