Weird Winter Fundraiser

Cards were hand cut and packaged.

During the winter of 2015, I started a short fundraising campaign to raise money for the American Refugee Committee, an organization dedicated to aiding displaced people around the world. Since it was during the holiday season, I thought I'd put my illustration skills to good use and make a line of holiday cards. In conjunction with fellow artists Scott Alberstein and Jessie Schnall who so graciously donated their artwork to the cause, I sold handmade holiday cards and envelopes.

At the end, we raised $161 in card sales alone. Grouped with my personal matched donation of $161 and a generous donation of $100 from family members, we ended up donating a grand total of $422 for the American Refugee Committee. Not bad for one winter!


Card orders ready to be shipped!

Display showing some of the card options.